product review: cleopatra’s choice

I have a thing for natural products. This ‘thing’ ranging from cleaning products to everyday toiletries. Some might call me a freak, I call those people seriously uninformed.

When the people at Cleopatra’s Choice reached out to me to review some of the natural products featured on their site, I was pretty amped.

I used the calming oil right away. Actually, my boyfriend said “there is no person more perfect to receive calming oil” and I wanted to hit him. But I didn’t. Anyway, back to the oil. I put a few drops in my humidifier and honestly it was like instant bliss happened in my bedroom. Couldn’t have been more awesome. I was a bit leery at first as to the smell, etc. since I am such a snob about things like that, but it was rather pleasant and dare I say, calming?

The African Black Soap was reviewed by my boyfriend because I can’t not let him in on the action. His major complaint was the shape, or more that it didn’t have one. His Irish Spring has a very ergonomic shape that holds its form. He thought the African Black soap was too soft and I tried to explain that it’s not full of shit like his Irish Spring. However, he said the smell was pleasant and really enjoyed that it exfoliated. So overall, I’d say he was a happy camper.

Dead Sea Hand Cream is seriously legit. I’ve been slathering my hands with this nightly and after the shower every day and have loved it. Super thick, pleasant smell, extremely moisturizing. It’s perfect for cuticles too before a self-mani!

I really like that their website has a wide range of organic and conventional products and that they’re from lesser known brands. Also, it lets you totally geek out and shop via country. So if you happened to study abroad and fall in love with products from Italy, you might be able to find them here! Also, they have the best facial mask ever on their site that I am obsessed with!

**The products that I reviewed were complimentary but the opinions are fully my own. No bullshit!