part wolf

If you follow me on instagram, you’re already aware that this marvelous graphic tee exists. It was quite serendipitous really, I was trolling around on Fab when I found it. Since Fab wanted to price gouge me in shipping costs, I just ordered it directly from the awesome dudes who thought it up. Maybe you’re thinking something like why on earth would this girl get so excited about a shirt that says “Part Wolf”, so I’ll tell you. My last name has wolf in it and consequently, I’m obsessed with all wolf thing.

part wolf tee | via

This is how I look when I’m just out running errands you know? Standing on someone’s stoop, looking like I own the joint. Oh, excuse me whilst I fix my beanie, the wind was blowing it about a bit.

blazers and graphic tees | https://withach.comblazer (on sale!), hoodie, beanie, tee, jeans, boots (on sale!), necklace (BaubleBar – sold out) this one would be cute

What? You don’t sit on stoops and contemplate the meaning of life?

photos by lydia hudgens