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I have been thinking about writing a post like this for a long time. I can’t exactly pinpoint when my feelings about this blog changed, but they have. A lot of shit went down in 2013, I mean, a lot. I changed jobs, my boyfriend changed jobs, I was actually ill the entire year (and when I think about that, it makes me want to cry), I had open heart surgery #2, and I struggled to keep up with this blog.

I used to love blogging, and spending my weekends dedicated to making content for you all, but ever since July (when I had my chest sawed open) my priorities have definitely changed. I am not a girl who can stay up all night working on blog things. I cannot burn the midnight oil to make a collage. I go to bed before 10pm. And I’m still not fully recovered from my surgery.

The emotional trauma of the surgery still haunts me, and here we are, 6 months later and I’m not even recovered yet. That in and of itself, is plenty for me to deal with and is obviously stressful. The thought of blogging and stressing about making sure I comment on enough blogs, post to Instagram x times daily, etc. makes me want to sit down and cry. Trust me, I’m not telling you this to be dramatic or to drum up any sympathy, at all. I want you all to understand. It’s taken me nearly 30 years to know when enough is enough.

Maybe I’ll blog again. Perhaps I’ll move strictly to vlogging because I really do love that, and I think you all do as well (I could be wrong here, so let me know). I might come back as a vlogging food blog, who knows!? But for right now, what’s best for me, my health and my happiness is to step away from this blog. I didn’t make this decision rashly, I cried a lot (crazy, I know) over this decision and that’s how I knew it was time. Blogging shouldn’t feel like an obligation and I shouldn’t tie my self-worth up in my blog stats (WTF). I have a full-time job that I actually love, an apartment that is mostly clean, a family that loves me, and an amazing boyfriend and right now, that’s all I need.

What I’m not doing? Disappearing from the internet completely because well, I’m not a crazy person! You can follow along in my day-to-day on pinterest, instagram and twitter if you’d like.