moment of what?

If you’re like me, a person with a job, you more than likely missed what happened on the Today show yesterday so I’ll let you know. Obviously because I’m nice like that. But back to the lecture at hand.

The lovely folks over at the Today show decided that everywhere but NYC would NOT observe the moment of silence with the rest of the country for all of those who lost their lives 11 years ago. Instead they thought an interview with Kris Jenner about the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians and her new tits was far more important.
kris jenner
I’m sorry, and this may just be me, but I don’t want to live in a world where some middle-aged woman’s boobs are more important than thousands who perished in a horrible attack. I just can’t even believe that the Today show did this. If I didn’t already not have TV, I would cancel it completely because this is not the kind of thing that adds any value.
Call me crazy, but I don’t care who Kim is screwing this week and what Kris has done to her face. They’re ridiculous.