living room thoughts

I will admit this: I am horrible at pulling the trigger on anything that is permanent, i.e. decor for our apartment. I get overwhelmed with serious anxiety and freak out. Perhaps I need therapy.

However, I finally replaced that rug with this one and got this table. It’s only taken me like six months to figure it out. 

At first, I thought for sure I wanted color. Color, color, color. Then I realized that I’m afraid of color except for small doses. So, huge change of plans and enter the below color palate.


Yea, I know this is a bedroom but just pretend that the bed is a couch.


I bought the coffee table from CB2 and I’m seriously lusting after two gold poufs for under the table a la the photo above. I mean, how awesome is this?


The ceilings are ridiculously high in my apartment and I’ve been wracking my brain for something fun to do. We’re both kind of obsessed with maps but I can’t find one like this all blue one anywhere. So if you know, please tell me.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?