let’s get real

It’s been awhile since I dropped some truth bombs over here and the more I see, the more I have to say. I feel like, in this social media obsessed world we live in, everyone is in a constant fight to out-do one another. Out shop, out style, out happy, out pretty, etc. Guys, it’s not healthy.

Back in the infancy of Facebook, around 2007, I told one of my best friends that no one is happy as they seem on Facebook and I stand by that statement and it applies to instagram, twitter, vine, blogs, myspace, and whatever the hell other platforms you’re on.

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I get it, as a blogger you want to be relevant and as a non-blogger you want a life that your favorite bloggers have but I suspect their lives aren’t what you think they are. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I try very, very hard here not to portray my life as a fairytale that is perfectly styled and tied up with a bow because guess what? Sometimes I get depressed and I cry and I’m unhappy. Am I wrong? No. Why? Because life isn’t perfect.

My apartment is mostly messy, especially now. I haven’t cooked in weeks. I haven’t “styled” a damn thing. I haven’t even dried my hair or put on makeup.  The hardest thing I do all day is get dressed. Does this make me less of a person? A woman? A blogger? If it does, I’d like to opt of this blogosphere that’s created a very large demographic of women with the overwhelming need to be perfect all the time.

No, I didn’t grow up underprivileged but I’ve gone through a lot of things in my life. Some of which I don’t think I need to share on this blog. Not because I don’t want to share them, but because I don’t want people to pity me, because I don’t pity myself. This is the life I was given. To me, life is real. It’s about living it to the fullest with those that you love. It’s not about your apartment being perfect, or you being perfectly styled in the latest trends, or buying that amazing bag everyone has. Because at the end of the day, those are all just things. And yea, they make you happy, but only temporarily. There will always be a new amazing designer, and blogger and handbag and where does that leave you?

Someone is inevitably going to comment on this post and call me a self-righteous bitch or something but guess what? I care not. You know why? Because I’m dealing with real life. That’s what being sick does. It helps you to cut through the bullshit, so call me what you will, you’re only holding yourself back. Also, please note, no one is forcing you to read my blog or comment.