help for lauren

Admittedly, I don’t know Lauren Murphy but I have a lot of friends that do. I know she’s my age and we’ve been to a lot of the same places which means I may have been in the same place at the same time as her, which makes me feel connected to her. Lauren is a dear friend of my friend Sheena and a few of my other friends from college, small world, right? So when Sheena posted about Lauren and what she and her family are going through right now, I knew I needed to share this with you.


Below is a little bit about what happened to Lauren from the fundraising page Sheena created:

Lauren suffered severe head trauma as a result of being struck by a car while on a run in Los Angeles the morning of Friday April 19, 2013. Lauren was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood immediately following the incident undergoing an emergency labectomy to remove a portion of the front left lobe of her brain as well as surgery to extract a portion of her skull to relieve pressure and allow the brain to swell. At this point, her status is described as extremely critical but stable. 

Lauren and her family have a long road ahead to recovery but I am hopeful this page can serve to relieve some of the financial burden by raising funds in her name. If you know her, you also know that she has six siblings (ages 11-26) waiting anxiously at their home near St. Louis, Missouri who would love to see their sister. With your help, we can make that happen as well as help fund a portion of the flights, hotel rooms, meals, etc. along the way. Please help spread the word and donate if you can. Every little bit helps.

To help out Lauren and her family you can donate here and to keep up with her progress you can follow the Facebook page. I realize that not everyone can donate, and I’m surely not trying to guilt trip you into it but I know that every person who shares Lauren’s story helps out, so please if you can, share her story. Every little bit helps and it adds up quickly!