infusing the liquor

It’s nearly summer, people! No, it is not summer until June 25th and I will not be convinced otherwise. Don’t get it twisted.

Anyway, since its nearly summer that means summer drinks. Now, I couldn’t just be average and do some simple mixology. No, no. I went all out here.

Because, allegedly, this process of the infusion takes two weeks, I decided to make two different types of booze; strawberry tequila and pineapple rum.

It was pretty simple. I went and got two large glass jars, two bottles (750ml) of the booze and some fruits. I would suggest, highly, using organic fruits because whatever junk is on your fruit is going to be multiplied once it is soaked in alcohol.

For the strawberry tequila I used one and a half baskets of fresh strawberries, tops removed, then add tequila.

For pineapple rum you cut a pineapple and put it in a jar. Cutting pineapple kinda sucks, so if you want to buy the kind already cut I wouldn’t hold it against you.

This is what the bad boys look like once they’re swimming in alcohol.

Ta-da! The strawberries float a lot more than the pineapple.

We shall revisit this in two weeks to make some drinks!