gold kicks.

I’m not even going to pretend that I’m not obsessed with my new sneaks. I won’t. I would wear them everyday if I could. I mean, I basically do. I feel like a way more gangsta version of Dorothy in these and if I clicked my heels I’d go straight to badassville. And yes, that is a real place. I nearly passed out when I saw these shoes online and then a few days later I had wandered into Michael Kors and out with these. I have no idea how it happened but it’s the best thing that has happened to my shoe collection since my platform Vans in ’00. I kid, probably since my gold Etta’s. Yes, I love gold. Sue me.

Michael Kors Gold Sneakers via

Studs? Check. Gold? Check? Blinding amazingness? CHECK.

gold sneakers styled by

toggle coat // sunglasses // sweater // jeans // sneakers

When I wear these amazing pieces of craftsmanship, I usually try to keep the rest of my look more neutral and this herringbone sweater and toggle coat is a great way to say “I’m casual, but I like to party”. If you think you too cannot pull off this look, you are mistaken.

gold sneakers styled by

And like, it’s okay, we can all be jealous of my hair in this one.  Honestly, it’s the cut. Rachel is amazing and you ALL should go to her.

Christin from

I promise I’ll do some fancy hair tutorials in the New Year so you too can have hair like this. Trust me, it used to be an afro. And then one time I cut it all off and cried the whole of the 7th grade. I blame my mother even though it wasn’t her fault at all.

photos by lydia hudgens photography