geordie shore

No, not the Jersey Shore but the Geordie Shore. It is the British version of the Jersey Shore on MTV and it is the best thing to happen to me all week.

geordie shore

If you could imagine a show that is somewhere in between Jersey Shore and Footballers Wives, this is it. My favorite part is laughing at half of the shit they say which includes the following:

jog on
i’ll pie them off
tap tap
in there like swimwear
do you fancy a like
get your cock out for the lasses – song to the tune of deck the halls
doing my head in

The two words and/or phrases that I knew were cock block and duvet. Needless to say, that most of the episode there was a lot of “did she just say?” “what the hell did he say?” “no way I just saw that guys ass”. Yes, they show ass. Oh, one girl pulled out her boobs “straightaway” when she got to the house in the hot tub.

Words cannot describe how elated I am that I found this trainwreck. This shit is pure gold. Run to your computer and watch a few episodes. You’ll thank me later.