for Alex

Today’s post isn’t about fashion, food or being funny, it’s about one of my dearest friends, Alex. You may not know that Alex was at the Boston Marathon yesterday, in fact, she was running in it. She may not have been able to finish, but she’s safe and I am beyond thankful for that.


These past months I’ve watched her train and give everything she had to the marathon. I watched her grow. I saw her be dedicated to something more than I thought any person could be. You guys, the training schedule is no joke. From early morning runs to after work barre classes, Alex put her heart and soul into it. She raised over $4,000 for Dana-Farber and was running for Dena.

And due to unforeseen and horrible events yesterday, she was unable to finish. But she finished in my mind. She ran an amazing 25 miles and while she didn’t get to cross the finish line or receive a medal, she crossed the finish line of dedication and endurance. I am so proud of her.

Alex, you are a rockstar.