five things




I’ve been tagged. Yesterday Grace tagged me in her five things post so that makes me bound by blogger law to share five things that you don’t know about me. However, since I used to do these posts, I don’t know if there are a ton of things that you don’t know about me. So, here goes nothin’…

UNO) I bite my nails and have ever since I can remember. The only time I don’t bite them is when I have a manicure. As soon as that mani starts chipping, we’re in the danger zone.

TWO) I was the first person in my family to graduate from college. Coincidentally, I’m also the smartest (if I do say so myself).

DREI) When I was three months old, I had open heart surgery which made me the youngest person, at the time, to have the surgery and survive. I’m sort of famous like that.

QUATRE) Not that I’m anti-social or anything, but if I never went to another bar, party, out, etc… again I wouldn’t care.

CINQUE) This may or may not be false: I get tucked in every night.

Now it’s time that I tag my peeps. Alex, Taylor, Lara, Melissa & AV, you’ve been tagged!