diy didn’t i buy more yarn?

So far, I’ve been really productive this morning which is quite starling as I’m not a morning person.

I cleaned the kichen, started the dishwasher, made tea, and settled in on the one spot on the couch that isn’t surrounded by the piles of laundry from last night. Maybe I’ve been so productive this morning because I deemed it bed time at 9pm last night? Perhaps.

When my boyfriend woke up, a half hour after me, he asked me if he was in the twilight zone. I responded, in monotone (of course) that “blogging waits for no one.” I think that’s pretty true. The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese. Eh, tomato, tomatoe.

In any case, my mother is back to blog stalking the crap out of me. Yesterday I got a text asking why I didn’t tell her I was knitting and that it would make a lovely Christmas gift. Mom, if you’re reading this, listen up. Remember when you said you wanted cashmere scarves and I bought you three and you returned them all because they were “too long” or something equally ridiculous? What makes you think that I can handmade something that will fit your fancy? Also noted, anything that I ever made as a child went straight into the “awww this is so cute, Christin. I’ll put it in my jewelry box (and then it will never see the light of day again!)”.

So I suppose if you pick out your color exactly, because I know I’ll do it wrong, I’ll make you a freaking scarf.

Also, I need more yarn for mine. Newbie, fail. Whatevs, I’m getting more yarn at lunch and I may even swing by the Warby Parker shop in SoHo to peep their goods. I love me some spectacles and sunglasses.