bridezilla, much?

Most of you may have already seen this but I just couldn’t let this one go by and not post about it. Wednesday there was an email from someone who is far cooler than the bride forwarded to gawker and it was utterly ridiculous. This bitch, seriously I’d break her face.

I’ve been a bridesmaid a time or two in my day and if any of them would have sent an email that essentially made me pledge citizenship to them, I would tell them to get fucked and never speak to them again. For reals. So I honestly hope with all hope, that all her TEN bridesmaids told her to shove it. Because no “epic” wedding with an engagement party in NY/CT, bachelorette in Vegas and the ceremony in Vail, of course, would ever be worth dealing with this serious form of social retardation.

gawker brides email

This post was fraught with grammatical errors which is a bit ridiculous since she’s up on a mighty high horse with a long fall in her future. You’d think someone this anal retentive would have had a proofreader, right? You’d also think that someone who is telling her bridesmaids that if they’re poor, they can’t be bridesmaids would not be poor themselves. Aka, she’d have the moolah to be flying bitches around the country to all these events to be at her beck and call.

My take? This girl is a nightmare. She was never popular and wants to milk this for as much attention as she can. She needs her bridesmaids at everything so it looks like she has a really solid group of girlfriends. Marriage prediction: divorce is imminent.

If you do nothing else today, you really ought to read this.